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I want a 4k monitor 27" packed with everything !

Level 11

Im looking for a 4k monitor with the best specs and it needs to be 27" Since 32 is to big for me and my desk using 2 monitors. Also i dislike bigger monitors above 27-28"

I found this model:

But i cant find the Swift model anywhere to buy in Denmark..isent it released yet in EU ?

So far this switft model has everything im looking for. Sice i dont want the oled model due to it has blurry text uniformity in windows and on forums. It sure looks nice for gaming but sadly not for forum browsing like i do here.

Can anyone tell me more about the swift model ?


Level 11

Anyone hoe on this new forum ?

Seems like people left...

Level 11

RIP this forum....

Level 14

You're asking for info on a new product that's possibly not yet on sale.  You've already linked the product page above, which probably has all of the information that exists in public about it.  The community can't really help you, I don't know what you're really expecting.  If your need is urgent, have a look at the XG27UQR, which does seem to be available from resellers.

ASUS generally don't make comments on expected availability of new products.

I wanted to know when it would release in EU

Also it sbetter than the one you linked me. but ok thanks i guess

Level 7

I would take a look at some of these gaming monitors here

Level 7

Looking for a 27" 4K monitor, but can't find the ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQR in Denmark. Anyone know if it's released in the EU? I prefer it over the OLED model due to better text clarity. Would appreciate info on its specs and availability.