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I RMAed a PG43UQ and recieved a PG43u back What are the differences

Level 7
So I had a issue with the PG43uq and had to RMA, this took several months as I kept getting we are out of stock to my email inquires.

I was finally sent a replacement without any prior notice and upon opening it was listed as aPG43U

I haven't been able to get any info on what the differences are between the 2

Anyone have any info ?
Thanks in advance

Level 11
Only issue I've found was the PG43U has variable Overdrive. Haven't found any other specs and only remembered seeing that on Nvidias G-Sync list when I purchassed my PG43UQ.

Toggle Asus and 43 inch and the PG43UQ and PG43U are the only displays shown

Sorry I can't help more