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I got a PG348Q

Level 7
So I created this topic to help answer questions regarding this product. So far early impressions, great screen, no dead pixels, some back light bleed on the top right and top left corners, and overclocks to 100hz without issues.

Edit: just a heads up, the scan line issue that Acer X34 monitors experience is present with this monitor as well, not surprised since they both use the same panel. However it doesn't bother me as its only noticeable against single solid colored backgrounds i.e. Blue skies and you also have to look for it to see it. Easy to loose them during actual gaming. Jus thought I would warn potential buyers who were holding off hoping this issue would be resolved.


Level 9
Good news ,ty
I7 5930k 6 core ,corsair Hydro series H110i GTX AIO Hydro CPU cooler, Corsair AX860i PSU, ASUS rampage V extreme/U3.1, Corsair
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Level 7
the VESA screws are behind the quick release disc on the stand.

Kylis wrote:
the VESA screws are behind the quick release disc on the stand.

Probably but I never checked there.

I've got this monitor as well and as far as gaming on this's been a blast. I've had no issues with the 100Hz and some minor BLB in the upper left corner. Not noticeable during gaming anyway. I've been getting back into Dirt Rally lately and playing a lot of The Division. Both games are meant for this type of monitor. I've always played Dirt in third person but with this monitor I've started playing in cockpit view and WOW!! It's such an immersive experience that the first time I rolled the car I almost got sick. My equilibrium got completely discombobulated! Playing the Division is great as well in that you can see so much more of the world that you don't have to pan side to side. I love this monitor! Well worth the wait!

This is a big monitor so get yourself ready with appropriate desk.
After some fiddling with the stand, I had in on my desk, on and setup in less than 5 min. Menus are straight forward and easy to understand and use.
I have OC to 85Hz only, due to reading user histories and not willing to drive it to the limit from day 1. I haven't heard any funny noises and definetely haven't seen any artifacts with lines, etc.
My old screen was the PG278. Honestly, while playing my favorite games (BF4 and DCS) I couldn't notice any difference between the 1ms and 144Hz of the old screen and the new PG348 running at 85Hz.
Maybe I'm not too picky but hey, who cares, gaming is a blast, I can see wide (those sneaky enemies with knives will be surprised).

I noticed a slight drop in FPS while playing DCS and maxed out Nevada map, but nothing major. Running this screen on an EVGA Titan X...
All in all major improvement and happy with the purchase.

Those of you who already have this monitor are any of you in the US and if so where did you buy the monitor? I've only been able to see it as part of a custom computer build from a number of custom PC companies - can't seem to find it to buy just the monitor through the usual channels ie.,, etc.

Level 13 had some , but ran out of stock, I ordered from but they cancelled my order due to stock shortage , said they will be getting more soon how soon who knows they have some now in USA

I did try 3 of the acer X34 and all of them did have a coil whine ! I would not mind the backlight bleed so much but the buzzing makes me mad! Did You have any problems with it on PG348Q? Have just order one and hope i will not have any problems like with the predator :mad:

I picked one up from Micro Center Friday. No whine, no scan lines that I noticed. But there's a stripe about the width of my finger running the entire width of the panel just below the top edge that's just a bit dimmer than the rest of the screen. It's not visible in red, a little visible in green, but quite visible in blue. It's visible while gaming so it's a loser. I traded it in on Saturday but the replacement has the same band, although it's not quite as bad, so I guess this one is going back as well.

So finaly i also got mine.
No dead pixel.
No scanlines.
Minor backlight bleeding.

So far so good. But i have two issues - maybe someone can help me.

1. How can i switch on or off the logo projecton on the bottom. It was on when i turned on the monitor first, but now it is off. Found nothing in the description.

2. When the monitor switches into stand by mode. It doesn't shut down, but starts to switch several colors (red, green, white.....)(

Anyone knows how i can change these things?