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How to clean marks left on PG348Q screen by RMA center.

Level 8
I've just received my PG348Q back from the RMA center and they have left some sticky residue on the LCD panel in a few spots. It looks like the residue that would be left from a sticker. My question is how to safely remove/breakdown the sticky residue? I normally clean my screen with a microfiber towel and water but the water in this instance is not breaking down the sticky residue. Thanks.

Level 8
I may have just done something stupid. I took a pencil rubber to try and rub out what appeared to be a scuff mark. The scuff mark has come out but the pencil rubber has left another mark of it's own. I've used some and screen cleaner and screen clean wipes but cannot remove the mark the rubber has left. Have I damaged the anti glare coating with the rubber or can I still get this mark out? 😞

Hard to say because eraser compounds vary. It could be residue from the eraser or it could be damaged. I might try a different formulation of screen cleaner to see if it makes a difference but keep in mind that anything too harsh could make things worse.
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Level 8
The replacement panel I have has severe back light bleed so it is probably going to be replaced. I know not what do next time.