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Help with a 2015-Era ROG PG278Q that has developed flickering issues?

Level 7

Hello Reddit, I have an ASUS ROG Swift 2560x1440p 144hz refresh gaming monitor I got in 2015, wondering if anyone can help me troubleshoot and/or salvage it.

I have an issue where random lines of text and other on-screen elements will flip between regular and almost a slightly bolded look. On light backgrounds like Reddit when it starts text will also get a slightly green highlight effect. Normal pixels are still black but they are "shadowed" by green pixels as well. Is this a fixable issue?

Fixes I've tried so far:

Switching out graphics cards, I normally run an RTX 2080, Tried swapping to a 970, same issue immediately popped up.

Switching between refresh rates provides slight relief at 60hz and turning off GSync, though problem still pops up.

Drivers are all current, tried setting monitor back to its default factory settings and Nvidea control panel to standard defaults but theissue persists.

This is mainly an issue when using my normal desktop mode and browsing the web, in games the only effect I usually see is a slight flicker, though this is distracting.