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HDR-10 or DCI-P3 (99%) for gaming?

Level 9

I can't decide which option will be the best choice for gaming. HDR-10 or DCI-P3 (99%)? (My priority is visual fidelity btw)


Level 14

HDR10 is a communications protocol; all HDR-capable displays should have it.  DCI-P3% is a measure of colour space coverage.  Your question is a bit like asking whether an apple is better than bacon.

You'll find many high end gaming monitors have both HDR and a high DCI-P3 coverage.  Are there specific monitors that you're trying to compare?  If the monitor with 99% DCI-P3 is also HDR monitor, it will very likely have HDR10 support.

I have PG27AQDM and when HDR is on, don't let me choose color space. It only let me choose color temps.

So, what should i do?

Level 14

Ahh, ok.  When HDR is on, I believe it's automatic, controlled by the HDR10 protocol.  For general gaming use, that should work well.  Make sure you have the monitor's driver installed:

Understood. Thanks for the reply.