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Gray cloud/hue on bottom left side in PG279Q

Level 7
I'm facing an issue with my pg279q, I had this monitor for 2.5 years now with zero problems and with very minimal light bleeding. However, a couple of week back I noticed this gray sort of gray shadow/hue on the bottom left corner that goes up all the way to the middle of the screen, then it sort of fades away [it's impossible to capture it by a phone cam accurately]. I only found one similar user that have this issue but in a much more excessive fashion here

It is very hard to notice in normal usage/gaming, but can be slightly seen when I'm browsing website with solid colors as border etc...Here is a a picture sort of representing the situation but in reality it's less.

Can someone please explain to me if this is an acceptable quality defect or whatever it is I'm having?

P.S: This is an RMAd monitor since my first one was a BLB nightmare, and the monitor is used in a closed temp controlled enviroment

Level 7

Level 10
Looks like yogore/mura. Did you keep this at max brightness the whole time?