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G-Sync crashing Nvidia drivers issue on PG279Q

Level 7

Recently upgraded my computer from a Asus 980 Strix to first a EVGA 1080 FTW (RMA due to black screen 100% fan defect) and replaced it with a MSI 1080 Gaming Z. At the same time I got a PG279Q monitor, at first I thought all my issues were due to the faulty EVGA card but now I'm not so sure anymore since they are still happening on the MSI. I didn't have a single issue with my setup for over a year using the 980 Strix and 3x Dell 60Hz IPS monitors which is now 2x Dell and the PG279Q.

The crashes are plain and simply weird and usually happen while I switch graphics options or display mode (fullscreen, borderless). Far Cry Primal was very repeatable and I could crash it within 5 minutes of starting it by just going back and forth to the options menu to switch the graphic options preset level. Usually I didn't even load into the game! Yesterday I managed to crash Dishonored 2 beta 1.2 by switching from borderless to fullscreen without having loaded into the game.

The common factor in all my crashes is this, G-Sync and a Firefox/Chrome (HW or no HW acceleration) playing a video or stream on my secondary monitors. By shutting down all browsers or turning off G-Sync so the LED goes white I stop the crashing. Played Far Cry Primal for 2 hours with either alternative without a crash, turning both alternatives on, crash!.

I've managed to finish Titanfall 2, Dishonored 2, DOOM and some other games by either keeping my secondary monitors off or just keeping browsers with video playback off them. All benchmarks also never crash, I even tried a full night of Heaven.

Another strange thing is that the framerate goes haywire after these crashes for a while, in Far Cry Primal the menus go to 3k+ FPS even though V-Sync is enabled and trying to run Heaven Unigine results in 30 fps stutterfest. The GPU however does clock up so that's not the problem and either disabling G-Sync or strangely enough right clicking the desktop fixes the FPS situation.

My monitor as others also has the firmware issue so I'm kind of wondering if there's any other issues out there that might get fixed by a update because if it wasn't for this crashing issue with G-Sync the monitor would be pretty much perfect since I barely have any BLB and 0 'found' dead pixels.

TL;DR Nvidia drivers crash if G-Sync is enabled while a browser is playing a video on a second monitor.

EDIT: Just to confirm here's a picture of that firmware thing I just took since it decided to appear, this is not the worst thing ever though since the monitor turns off and on very quickly

I also noticed that my monitor drivers might have been corrupted, Windows and Nvidia were reporting them correctly however Dishonored 2 was saying it was PnP device, I reinstalled them and now it's saying the correct monitor name.

Trying to get my crashes to happen right now but I'm not getting them, and I'm uncertain if the LED on the monitor has been flicking between red and white this much before. If a issue like this can be caused by monitor drivers then wow....

EDIT2: Nope still crashed in less than hour, so it's not the drivers. Strange that it survived this long though.

Level 9
If you haven't yet please use DDU to remove nvidia drivers and install the latest fix .95 drivers I had the same issue with my tv with 2 or 3 drivers ago. And try to disable gsync from inside nvidia control and enable it again, sometimes for me at least it doesn't let the gpu to downclock and they stay at 1190 all the time even nothing is running.

Report back

I've tried so many drivers and I always use DDU, the EVGA card made me do a clean install of Windows 10 as well to rule out Windows having gone bad. I'm currently on the 375.95 drivers which were uninstalled with DDU in safe mode and then installed using custom and only physx + driver selected.

I'm guessing this is the firmware issue as well, I decided to take a photo of it finally since it just appeared:

I did just notice something interesting though... I'm 100% certain I installed the drivers for the monitor before but Dishonored 2 was reporting all my monitors as PNP while Windows was reporting it as ROGXXXX and Nvidia says Ancor Communications (G-SYNC Capable).

I reinstalled the drivers for the monitor and now Dishonored 2 is also reporting it as the correct monitor. I'm not a 100% certain but I'm unsure if I've seen the LED flicker between red and white as much before when changing displaymodes while in a game. Trying to force a crash right now but for once I cannot actually force one, I've had good days before though so at this point I'm not trusting anything.

EDIT: Concerning the downclocking my drivers are staying 1200-1350 depending on the mode the card is on (MSI has some OC mode thingy), I've attributed it to running 2x 60Hz and 1x 144Hz monitor though.

Well it crashed again, not the drivers for the monitor then.

However I found some very weird things in my event viewer which I've never seen before, there's 50+ of these with changing numbers

NVRM: Graphics TEX Exception on (GPC 0, TPC 0): TEX NACK / Page Fault

Variable String too Large

Level 12
Sounds like an issue with G-SYNC, I think however that the firmware update may not fix this issue for you as it wasn't meant for this issue and is targeted to fix some display related bugs.

Thanks for the response

Yeah I'm also uncertain about this fixing my issues and to be honest this whole line going to the left or right of the monitor is fixable in less than 5 seconds with the power button and I see it perhaps once or twice a week at most. So if it's not damaging to the monitor itself I'm not sure I'm really comfortable of sending it away to get fixed since there's no dead pixels and only very light BLB at the top and bottom right that hasn't annoyed me at all so far. I did read someone got faster g-sync switching modes after the firmware update so that's why I'm a bit curious about it.

Any idea how the firmware updates are handled in Finland? Because no way I'm changing the monitor to a different one for just this issue =P

I believe it would be the same SOP for any country, if they have the firmware update tool they will connect the monitor and perform the update. I heard it normally takes awhile for the update, around 1-2 hours to complete.