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Firmwareupdate XG32UQ

Level 7

Hello, i bought my XG32UQ in Oktober, when Gaming my Monitor would sometimes Turn Black, so i Decided to look for a Solution for the Problem. I found out that someone got rid of it by upgrading its Firmware to 024 or 032, well theres where my Problems startet. After Upgrading, it wouldnt run at all. The Update would run Smooth without any Errors. But after Updating the Monitor didnt want to Start at all, always Black Screen, i testet the 024 and there also no Picture, later i found out that when i Put the Refreshrate to 60hz und Deactivate Gsync the Monitor will run. 


Any Suggestions if i would be able to solve this Problem on my own? Or do i need to send it to Asus? If i send it to them, will i be Accounttable because i Made a Firmware Update?

Greetings Stani


Level 7

Hey I have this monitor too and I have the same black screening problem. Where did you find the firmware and how did you manage to update it ?

Hello, i found it online on the Asus Homepage. But be Careful, i have to send the Monitor back. I found it on the Asus Webpage, but strangly if i look for it myself on the Site i cant find it.

so quite the strange thing.


Greetins Stani