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Fastest way to switching DisplayPort and HDMI source

Level 8
Question for the ASUS ROG PG279Q

I work from home and have to frequently switch from DisplayPort (computer) to HDMI (work laptop) and back again.
At the moment I need to enter the Menu, goto Select Input and then hit on or other port options, this is ~8 or 9 toggles of the "menu nipple".

Is there a faster more convenient way to switch inputs? maybe a favorite option or shortcut, like the wonderful mobo BIOS options?

I haven't fireware updated my screen, i've only seen specific issues addressed, no feature enrichment, let me know if i'm wrong.

Why would you take the time to build hardware with 4 different input options... but bury the ability to toggle between inputs behind multiple clicks and sensitive joystick adjustments on the backside? It often takes me 30 seconds to hack through the process of changing between my work computer and personal. There are 4 buttons on the back and there should be an option to set one as an input toggle - Please help your customers!

Same issue here was looking for a solution as its REALLY inconvenient right now to switch display frequently. 

Level 7

I have interest as well! Solution is needed. More and more people work from home and need to switch between different computers !

Level 8

please asus, at least release some kind of API or cli tool for this. I tried with "ddcutil" on linux, it reports many useful features  but does not work for me (setvcp commands are executed without error but nothing changes)

Level 7

This annoys me too. I had a DELL monitor and there was no problem assigning input to shortcuts. There is one solution that I use, but it's not quite convenient either.
You can change the input by "ASUS DisplayWidget" software. In this application from asus, all (and even more) settings from the monitor menu can be handled with the mouse and keyboard. It's much faster to switch.