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External monitor not displaying in HDR

Level 7
I have an ASUS ProArt PA32UC, which I know isn't a ROG or gaming monitor, but was hoping someone had some insight.

MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019)
AMD Radeon Pro 5300M 4 GB
ASUS ProArt PA32UC external display with the latest firmware (MCM209)
macOS Big Sur 11.0.1
Connected via a Thunderbolt 3 cable

I see the "High Dynamic Range" option in the "Displays" preferences on my MacBook Pro, but I don't have this selected because if I do, I'm not able to change any of the display settings.

When I go to YouTube on Chrome or Safari on the ASUS and play HDR content, it doesn't show up as HDR.

But if I play it on my MacBook Pro's screen, it displays in HDR.

I've tried selecting "High Dynamic Range" and using a DisplayPort 1.4 cable and no change. Am I missing something? Thanks!