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Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and HDMI 2.1 PG27UQ

Level 7
Since the monitor is now delayed until 2018, please add support for those tech for better future proof.

Level 7
1) True OLED
2) 2560x1440p
3) HDR 10 compliant ( 1000 nits )
4) Display port 1.4
5) NATIVE refresh rate 120Hz Minimum
6) G-Sync & Freesync Versions
7) Low input lag >13ms

(That's not a long list is it :rolleyes: )

I'd much prefer to see them make an actual OLED panel (not like enhanced IPS displays like what LG are calling "Nano IPS" technology ). The main reason behind 16x9 or 21x9 1440p is that yield rates for anything higher (resolution wise) would be abysmal and throw the cost of the monitor up to lofty heights like the Dell 30" 4K UP3017Q OLED monitor. Hell even a 30" OLED @ 1440p would be a hit seller, with OLED's response times of 0.1ms it'd set a new bar for gaming monitors (and hopefullty a new direction).

With the open HDR10 standard (aka 1000 nits), shouldn't be hard to get with an OLED, hell if that's not able to be accomplished then the HDR600 should be (600 nits)
Display Port 1.4 (DP1.4) for >60Hz refresh rates @ 1440p with G-Sync / FreeSync versions.

There is no real need for HDMI2.1 when DP1.4 can do it (and a lot more [up to 10K]). The only benefit of HDMI 2.1 is for Consoles >30fps @ 4K (which this whouldn't be), and they don't even support HDMI 2.1 (yet) and console gamer's are more in the market for TV's not monitors.

IF Asus can source a manufacturer for a 27"-32" OLED Panel Like Dell did with it's 30" 4K version then just put in their own hardware/software, hell the G-sync is one is half done for them, they'd have the market, and I'm sure throwing some displays at the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) (like BenQ did) would garner more publicity then they could handle, and the screens would be walking off the factory line into the open arms of consumers.