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Dissapointed and unhappy ASUS PG248Q

Level 7
Hello, so few days ago I decided to upgrade my pc monitor from a ASUS vg248qe to an ASUS pg248q with Gsync, well I think I made the biggest mistake or it may be something wrong with this specific LCD panel, first issue I notice is when I set the refresh rate above 120hz I get this horizontal bright lines in the middle of the screen (really annoying), they can be seen the most on a black background (pictures bellow), another issue is when I set the monitor refresh rate to 160hz there are another type of lines going from top to bottom on the entire screen when Gsync is on, at 180hz everything is just horrible, 3th issue is every time I enter a game ( tested apex legends and overwatch) in the first 20 seconds I can see some sort of light flickering/flashing, 4th issue is the color gradients, they are all pixelated and not smooth shades! When GSync is on I still see screen tearing at the bottom of the screen!
I have looked around the internet to try applying different settings on this monitor in NVidia control panel also in the monitor settings but I can`t do much about the issues... I contacted ASUS support and open a ticket trough their live chat so the person from there Courtney M told me to keep press the power button for 60 seconds, I did that but no change, after that I tried to contact them again but nobody wanted to start the chat ( I waited 1 hour)
I am so disappointed and unhappy about this purchase, absolutely waste of time and money.
I paid almost 500euro for this monitor


Level 7
I'm having some issues with g-sync too with the PG248Q. Did they fix it?
I just received my monitor from the company after a "fix"...

Level 7
Had this monitor mate , i am in a sad position to tell you that i changed 5 of them , its typical for this panel cause its only 120hz native , even 144hz is an overclock , so the more you oc the more the blacks/contrast will degrade + artifacts + scanlines. Its actually a very old panel that they oced it too high and sold it as the first 180hz monitor.

The panel itself is basically pure junk , that being said dont bother changing panels , sell it and get another model or love it as it is.

I read ur reply.
Which monitor do u reccomend for best g-synch performence?
Thank you.