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Couple of questions about PG279Q

Level 7
Hi all,

I hope this is the right forum. I recently upgraded to the RoG Swift PG279Q and I'm really enjoying it, but I just have two quick questions I haven't been able to figure out yet:

*1. Is there any way to adjust the volume of the built-in speakers/headphone connection quickly, without going into the OSD menu? Are there any quick volume keys on the monitor itself I haven't found yet? The reason I ask is because in certain games (Skyrim) the volume control keys on my keyboard don't work.

*2. What exactly is the purpose of Light in Motion? When I saw this feature mentioned first I assumed it meant the LED parts would light up to match the colours on the screen, like some TVs have or like the Razer Chroma keyboards. However when I turn on Light in Motion it just stays solid red the whole time. Is this right or is there something wrong with mine?

Thanks in advance!