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BUG REPORT: ASUS Display Widget

Level 7

The ASUS Display Widget seems like a great and very useful application, particularly with respect to the way it can divide up my monitors into different sections for dragging and dropping applications into areas appropriate for the total size and resolution of eachb screen ... BUT ... it appears to have a major flaw which I have seen happen in clean installations of both Win10 and Win11, being that, it can install itself multiple times, in other words, appearing twice in the startup applications, and thus producing 2 concurrent instances in the system tray icons ... and fail to uninstall properly, such that having uninstalled, it still appears in the startup apps, and even still runs at startup despite having been uninstalled ... this seems to me like a beta version, and there is no way in hell you should have released this without further testing, as it is clear your testing was entirely inadequate ... I expect to see a resolution on this quickly, because I do not appreciate companies rushing things to market LIKE IDIOTS with total disregard to how this affects the end user, it shows your fundamental disrespect for your customer, and gives me no confidence in your comapny ... fix it quickly if you want to change my mind about that, because right now, I do not trust you.