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Make Future Monitor Feature Suggestions Here!

Hi all,ASUS ROG is requesting our best suggestions for ROG product improvements. As a moderator I won’t have the ability to implement your suggestions but I will be picking some of the best to highlight for the ROG team so they know what matters to u...

xeromist by Moderator
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Displayport vs PG348Q

Recently purchased this lovely beast, but driving it with a ROG MARS 760 so had to buy a mini-DP adapterStarts up fine on DP until it gets to the windows login then says no signalHaving both cables in it will work on HDMI and detects 2 monitors (same...

Quoth by Level 7
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ULMB doesn't work at 120Hz on my PG279Q

I don't know if someone has/had the same problem or if this was discussed before but using ULMB at 120Hz on my PG279Q everythink works fine while I have the OSD Menu opened but after I close it the screen just fades to black (\m/).I noticed if I crea...

jokaa by Level 7
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Asus-pg248q going out of G-Sync?

Not sure if its lighting issue or cable issue or what but it seems if i turn the monitor off for more then an hour the G Sync light (red) on the monitor goes away and stays white. When I try to start games like the witcher 3, world of tanks and fallo...

issues with my ROG SWIFT...

ok off the bat let me say I think its a good monitor but let down by glitches which is letting itself down big time for me..ok first of all the Turbo button... only works when it wants to? I press it 20 times sometimes it doesn't change.. sometimes I...

Asus11 by Level 7
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blue bands after 5 months of pg278q use

Hi everybody,Today after gaming for about an hour, i noticed 2 blue vertical bands (left edge and toward the middle).I tried power cycling the monitor, rebooting the pc change. I turned everything off for a few hours and tried reseating the ...

bardm by Level 7
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PG278Q stuck at 640x480

Help! Since a crash while gaming the other day my PG278Q has been stuck at 640x480, even on the POST screen :sI have no other DP devices to test it with and my 980ti has only ever output from one of its three ports. Works fine from dvi to an old moni...

Sharp popping sounds coming from PG279Q

So the night before last my monitor started making a sharp popping noise at a rate of about 1 pop per second that lasted about three minutes. After three minutes, the rate of popping decreased over a period of about 30 seconds until it stopped comple...

Ansible by Level 7
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pg348q questions

Hi all!I'm currently looking into buying this model for my personal use as an upgrade to my current FHD, 60hz, 24", non gsync, TN one. Now, this looks like a dream come true on paper but I have some questions regarding the long run of this monitor. I...

Asaku01 by Level 7
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PG278Q - GSYnc ... Am I doing it wrong?

So, I built a new rig. Previously I had a BenQ 27 120Hz monitor (No GSync) with a pair of 780GTX. I'm pretty accustomed to playing with VSync on to have a smoother experience. My previous build ran pretty much everything at 80-100+ fps easily.I had b...

Strip of pixel glitch

Hello!I bought a PG79Q monitor and this is the third one so far with an annoying screen glitch. Randomly, when switching between applications (using alt-tab), a strip of pixel content from the right side of the screen is replaced by an equal-sized st...