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PB287Q Partial backlight

Hello Community,I have this monitor with a backlight problem that I'd like to revive. When the monitor is cold, only parts of the backlight lights up. After maybe 30 minutes when the monitor has time to heat up, if I power cycle multiple times using ...

KNP by Level 7
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XG32UQ - How to update Firmware?

Hello,today i get my XG32UQ for my PS5 / XSX.I ask myself if it is possible to update the Firmware of the Monitor?And if yes, do i need to connect the monitor to a PC (with USB) and use a software, or is it enough to use a USB-Drive with the firmware...

JoeH75 by Level 7
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PG32UQ problems with new firmware v034! BE WARE!

Just updated to v034 and issues with slow wake time was resolved but there are new problems.Sometime (totally random) when monitor comes out of sleep the monitor start to flicker with some some flickering blue lines on it (its like that there is prob...

Kobol by Level 7
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PG42UQ - Red/Green pixel shift

Hello,I am seeing a very odd but subtle color shift on my new monitor. Do others with this screen see the same thing? Its like the RED and GREEN pixels are slightly shifted. Its only visible on Green, orange, and yellow things. SUPER visible in E...

fluxrez by Level 7
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