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PG27UQ losing power

My PG27UQ randomly keeps losing power, Anyone had a similar issue or know whats going on? Power goes out completely, every time it does that I have to disconnect the power and reconnect and it comes back on and after a while, it does that same thing ...

ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ 27 (HDR PopUP)

I have the ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ 27 Monitor. I want to know if there is anyway to turn off the HDR popup when its switching to this mode because it is very annoying. When I play the game star citizen, everytime I pull up my hud It pops up the HDR pop...

murk00 by Level 7
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ASUS PG27UQ Fan noise. Any solution?

I bought the PG27UQ a few months ago. And I still couldn't get used to the fan noise at all. I have a perfectly silent water cooled PC with 6 fans, that can't be heard at all. The monitor is freaking loud compared to the PC.Are there any solutions in...

ROG audio device disappears while away from PC

I have a multi-machine setup here and use the audio-out on the monitor to drive my speakers so I get audio from the active machine. Most of the time this works great.However, I keep finding that the ROG PG348Q Audio device has disappeared when I retu...

wazooby by Level 7
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PG43UQ Black Screen In Games

I’m having an issue with the PG43UQ black screen in games for a few seconds every now & then, tried every setting available, tried clean install drivers, also wont show post screen with CSM disabled had to enable CSM in bios to get post screen otherw...

How does the PG27UQ aura feature work?

Ignoring all of the information about Aura Sync (which is clearly a mess) can someone explain to me how the default Aura functions in this monitor are supposed to work? I see options in the OSD to change the Aura colors, but aside from turning the re...

Farina by Level 7
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PG27UQ black screen

I have a constant black screen. When i turn the monitor on i do not see the asus logo pop up. When i push the menu buttons, i see a white light where the menus would be.Any solutions? My warranty is up.