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PG329Q HDR Dynamic Dimming - 2 issues

Hi,As mentioned in the title, I'm having couple of issues with my PG329Q when using Dynamic Dimming during gaming.1. Backlight is intermittently flickering if refresh rate is higher than ~120Hz with Variable Refresh Rate on (G-sync compatible). No is...

marvinn by Level 7
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PG43U - Flickering

Hi all!I have my PG43U for a few months and occasionally the whole image flickers. I tried installing latest Nvidia drivers but didn't help (GTX980).I filmed the issue and included a screengrab when it happend. For comparison how its supposed to look...

Automatic turn off monitor

Quick question...I have pg279q when I turn off pc monitor still lights or switched to standby mode with orange light led...I must manually turn off monitor (button for turning off) I want this scenario - when I shutdown pc then also monitor automatic...

MPTraxx by Level 8
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PG248Q Help!

hey guys so i need some kind of help tried resetting my monitor and allsorts so here is my problemTwo days ago i turned off my computer just like normal as i do every night and everything was perfectly fine but the second day i turn my pc off and not...

PG43UQ flickering / issues

I just got my PG43UQ with DSC.I have an RTX 2080ti hooked up using displayport at factory settings with DSC on and G-Sync on. Using it at Nvidia 4:4:4 10bit at 144 hzI'm getting a lot of flickering and brightness issues and poor text. No picture los...

Pg35vq and scanlines even after firmware update.

Hi to all. I am trying to raise awareness about this extremely expensive panel . I owned a ag353ucg a week before returning it and getting the even more expensive pg35vq. BOTH of them have the exact same issue ( that it is NOT related to the flickeri...

oDi73 by Level 7
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PG259QN Pixel Error quota?

Hello fellow evil eye worshippers,What are the chances to actually get a pixel error free PG259QN?I've gotten my first order and was able to spot a red dot on the right bottom side and one at top corner.My question now is whether I should send that o...

Asus PG43UQ blurry text, smearing issues

I've bought Asus PG43UQ, and I'm disappointed. I'm wondering why did I paid premium price for this monitor.* Known issues from XG438U are also reproduced on my PG43UQI can confirm that issues with blurry text are still present and also other VA issue...