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ASUS WHEN/CAN the PG27AQDM be NVIDIA GSYNC Certified ???!!! Its been a year......

Level 7

Just got this monitor and love the hardware, but it was sold/marketed as GSYNC Compatible when it is absolutely not in its current state. The flickering when GSYNC is enable is an absolute show stopper. ASUS can you provide a solid data/driver release that this will be GSYNC certified ? If not I will be returning the monitor and absolutely not recommending this to anyone.


Level 7

In exactly the same boat. Annoying gsync flickers in wow classic, don’t know if I should just return the monitor and wait for the new qd oled panels

Level 7

Alright I tried a fix mentioned by some other users, creating the custom resolution (native) with a 226 refresh rate and this works.

It would seem anything over this refresh rate is broken because you can’t even set a custom resolution with a higher refresh rate. And at 240 hz default the inbuilt fps counter does not work, and the refresh rate is static on the monitor menu. With the 226 refresh rate these work as expected