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Asus swift pg278q - loud click noise when turning / moving display to the left

Level 7

I got my Asus Swift yesterday and it is really a great Monitor.

One thing i noticed - and which is strange to me - is, that when i move / adjust the display screen to the left (so basically turning the monitor stand to the left side) I hear a very clear and loud "click" sound coming from the RIGHT side of the monitor.

This only happens
- when I move the display to the left side (not when moving to the right side)
- and only when I do this by touching the monitor border itself when moving around.

If i turn the monitor stand (with the red circle around) itself to the left (and not touching the Screen border Frame) NO click sound happens. The click only happens when doing this by "moving the screen itself"
This is 100% reproduceable and is really strange to me.

Where does this "click" coming from? Is this normal??

Edit: you can even hear this loud click when the Monitor is off ...

Thank you,