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Asus support says PG348Q "ONLY" supports 60Hz on DP

Level 7
I bought the monitor from Microcenter on 11/2016 and have been using it at 100Hz with a DP cable from day one. Yesterday I got home and found my screen cycling through Red Green and Blue even though my computer was off. The monitor doesn't do more than 60Hz. I set it manually to 75Hz 80Hz all the way up to 100Hz and it defaults to 60Hz after reboot.

Asus tech support says "Upon checking the PG348Q monitor only supports 60Hz refresh rate if your using a DisplayPort. "

This is completely wrong since the specs on the website say otherwise.

The monitor with not allow anything more than 60Hz through it's OSD.

I have the latest drivers for my Strix 1080 Ti
Swapped out the DP cable
Unplugged the power cable
Reset the monitor through the OSD
Monitor cycles through Red green and blue non stop when computer is off.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi migsmigs,

To go above 60Hz, you need to first enable Overclocking from the OSD on the PG348Q.

To stop the color cycle, please private me the serial number (do not post here).
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Ive OC to 100Hz from day one through OSD and that is why I said I tried every increment from 75Hz 80Hz 85Hz 90Hz 95Hz and 100Hz.

After rebooting the monitor it defaults back to 60Hz every time.

When I turn off the computer the only way to stop it from cycling through the colors is to reset all through the OSD.

The monitor can't do any more than 60Hz.

Its a disappointment to have to be without a monitor for so long while it's RMA'd.

Level 7
Hello migsmigs
Please keep in mind that you must turn off Gsync mode on your graphic card settings in order to set a fixed refresh rate for OC.
Can you please send me a PM with any of the following details that you do have available?
Product S/N:
Case ID#:
Also please pass me your contact details:
Full name:

I'll pass your case to related personnel for further assistance
We are eager to help resolving your issue
Thank you for using Asus and have a nice day

Level 7
Other Asus models work at OC refresh rates with G-SYNC turned on. Turning off G-SYNC is ridiculous.

Turning G-Sync off doesn't help. The OC still fails at any rate 75-100. It just defaults back to 60hz and cycles through the colors when the PC is turned off. A reset is the only way to stop it from cycling.

I disconnect the monitor and only have the power cord connected and it still doesn't OC past 60hz so turning G-Sync off isn't even applicable when the monitor has nothing connected to it.

I sent a PM with the info as requested, In the meantime i purchased a PG279Q from microcenter with no issues.

Level 8
Have you tried this monitor on another PC,and try another set of DP cable?

Level 7
Hello migsmigs
If the issue persist, please send it in for RMA
Our engineers will test it out for you
Thank you