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Level 7
Seriously this monitor has become a myth. Can anyone from Asus provide any up-to-date information regarding the release of the PG35VQ? people have been waiting since 2017 for this monitor and there has been no updates, it is now December 2018 and still no updates??

Can we get some information as to why this monitor has been delayed for so long? Is the PG35VQ in mass production? How much will it cost? What are the confirmed specs? Have there been any changes since it's announcement? At the very least you could provide your consumers with some form of an update, the responses thus far have been generic and dismissive; what is going on??

Level 7
After all this time it's finally coming out at a consumer friendly:
- $3400
- 2,699 Euro

....LOL! Nah i'm good Asus, I can get the 2019 LG C9 55" OLED with 120hz, HDMI 2.1(VRR) and A9 Gen2 Processor for less. I am officially done with HDR/FALD/Gaming monitors, the pricing/markup is just out of control.
Thing is with the introduction of HDMI 2.1, freesync/gsync will eventually become irrelevant. Although this is dependant on both Radeon and Nvidia including HDMI 2.1 in future GPU's.

$3.400 :rolleyes:

Level 8
Was waiting for this monitor since they announced it and had friends that would buy my PG348Q but at the price they are asking I'll be keeping what I have.

Level 8
I'm glad I never bothered waiting for this and got the X34P a long time ago. It's serving me well and I have enjoyed using it this whole time.

Level 9
you can get it in china

that is until the pg27uqx releases this year. And I think the official price for the PG35VQ will be set at $2500 US since on Acer's website the predator X35 is listed at $2500. You can currently by a LG C9 65 inch tv for $2280 during the 4th of july sale on ebay

Level 10
Huh, insane monitor.
But ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ is the BEST.

Vlada011 wrote:

But ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ is the BEST.

a monitor with a fan will never be "the best"

ontopic: VA panel, fan and some other "issues"
for 3.000? lol

nope ASUS - not this time...

Level 7
There is behind the monitor a heat evacuation grate that becomes hot at an INTENSE level (even on days of normal temperature) to the point that I risk a burn if I touch it more than 8 seconds. This is maybe related, but the HDR mode does not always trigger as it should (don't work well at the start sometimes, or automatically stop HDR function during use, with RVB 10 bits 144 hz settings switched and downgraded to ycbcr 422 8bits without my intervention).

Am I the only one with that problem?

Level 7
Today I bit the bullet and purchased at 55" C9 OLED, Got it for £1674 with 6yrs guarantee; for perspective that's £1026 cheaper than the PG35VQ. You can buy a 2080ti for that, lol. Looking forward to waving goodbye to LCD technology. Can't wait for HDMI 2.1 GPU's to arrive, 10-bit 4K@120hz VRR. Although I can see the Acer X35 being listed for £2200 which is cheaper, but still ridiculous for what you get.