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ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q makes my computer freeze when I change refresh rate

Level 7
Hello, I'm having some problems with my monitor. Does anyone know why my computer would freeze up for about 15-20 seconds every time I change the refresh rate with the turbo button on the monitor. It's not the monitor freezing up cause I can move the mouse cursor over the screen while I wait for the PC to come back to life again.

I am also experiencing some strange behavior with both G-sync and the brightness of the monitor. First I need to say how I like to use my monitor: I always use 120hz with ULMB when not in a game. When gaming I always switch to 144hz to be able to use G-sync. Because I have time to use my computer a few hours here and there I like to use the sleep function in windows, and I feel like that may be what's causing all my problems (will test this in the following days). 120hz is a lot less bright compared to 144hz because of how ULMB works, but when often times when I turn my computer back on the screen is ridiculously bright, and equally bright in both 120hz AND 144hz! since 120hz is less bright, I max the brightness setting on this refresh rate. But on 144hz I feel it is too bright, so I've turned it down a bit. But when turning the PC back on the settings are the same as before, but the screen is stupid bright... Also, as I'm writing this, the light on the corner of the monitor is red no matter what refresh rate I change my monitor to, meaning G-sync is acticated not only outside fullscreen, but in all three refresh rates aswell...

If anyone knows anything or are experiencing any of the same issues as me I would appreciate any help or info you can provide.

My system:
OS: Windows 8.1 x64
CPU: Intel i7-5820k OCed to 4.5 GHz
Cooler: Corsair H110
Memory: 16gig (2x 8gig) DDR4 2133 MHz
Graphics: 2xEVGA GTX 980 SC in SLI
Driver: Nvidia 350.12
Monitor: Asus ROG PG278Q

In advance, many thanks 🙂

Level 9
The red light in the bottom right corner seems to always be on when you are on the desktop, due to the 350.12 driver. Prior to that, it would be white. And then switch to red when you'd play a game full screen, if you have gsync enabled.

When I first got my monitor it was noticeably a lot brighter than my previous monitor. My previous monitor was at least 5 years old. The brightness, and possibly the higher refresh rates did seem to cause some slight eye strain for the first week or two of using it. It had me concerned that something might be worng, or that maybe my eyes were just getting use to this new monitor. I turned down the brightness to I think around 50%, using the little joystick/button on the monitor. After that, it was fine.

I leave the refresh rate of the monitor at 144hz all the time. Even if a game's fps can't be that high.

I don't know what's causing your computer to freeze for 15-20 seconds. Does it still do that if you change the refresh rate though your desktop settings, and not use the turbo button?

Level 7
Mkay, I read up on the red light with the new driver, thank you ^^

Now the turbo-button works fine and does not make my computer freeze at all, also the brightness is as it should be. What I meant when I talked about the brightness is that the screen goes very very bright after my computer wakes up from sleepmode. I have a strong suspicion that Windows' sleepmode is the culprit in all of this, seeing as I'm only experiencing problems after the computer has been in sleep mode.

Would be great to know if anyone is experiencing the same problems and/or are using sleepmode with this monitor.