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ASUS ROG PG279Q issue

Level 7
I have issue with my PG279Q that just happened today earlier. Lost on whats going on with it. I turned on pc for the day to play a game for awhile then I log off game to eat dinner and do other stuff for awhile so I Shut off monitor and left pc on. Then later in night I came back to my pc and my monitor was dirty I cleaned screen with LCD screen cleaner and turn it back on. I surfed web for for about 20 minute to 45 minutes before I decided I wanted play same game game as earlier. Just as I was about hit my open steam tab the monitor flicker off but never came back up. So I shut of monitor and turned it back on nothing happened so I Uplug monitor waited 1 minute and tried again no dice. Then tried switching display port on my video card still nothing.

So I went grab old monitor and tried it out and it worked fine so ruled out that my video card is not the trouble I hope. What the monitor will do when I turn it on is I will see light go white and see edges light up and in about 3 seconds after that the light will turn yellow and edges will stay lit but will not see a image. Any ideas for me to try and all here.

Quick update tried again to the pc just minute ago it turn white to red the light. Opps forgot say this the monitor only 2 weeks form being 1 year old and had no troubles with it until now.

Level 7
Hello wesleysnipez
That's quite old that the monitor acted so strangely
Have you consider sending it for repairs?
Our engineers will sort things out for you
Thank you

Level 13
Did you spray cleaner on it with the monitor plugged in? When I do this task I always have it unplugged and never spay the screen, only moisten the cleaning cloth.
If it is still in the warranty period Id get an RMA like NOW!

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I talked with with Tech the Monitor is being RMA and all.

I just got the monitor back on Friday since the repair center fixed the issue the Monitor was fine but the power supply pack went bad. I figure with the 2 power outages and power spike with in last month it did in power supply.

Level 8
You can try contacting ASUS for a power brick replacement.