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ASUS ROG PG258Q - Out Of Range - Full Screen 240hz

Level 7
I recently purchased an ASUS ROG PG258Q. I installed the monitor and everything is fine but as soon as I launch a game, my monitor started to randomly go to black, the screen would show "OUT OF RANGE," and then it would come back up. This cycle happened every few seconds. I rebooted my computer and the problem went away. Everything ran fine for a couple of days.

Last night I came home and booted up my computer and jumped in game and the issue returned. I rebooted my computer again...still the same issue. I tried troubleshooting. The only thing that stopped it was taking the games out of Full Screen mode and into one of the Windowed modes. This morning (after letting my computer sit all night) the problem continued.

I have done a bunch of research/troubleshooting but can't find a fix. I double checked my settings. My game settings match my computer/monitor settings. I have an NVIDIA GTX 970 with the latest drivers. Both Windows and in the NVIDIA software show my monitor is set at 1920x1080 and 240hz. The game is set at the exact same thing. If the game is in full screen...almost as soon as it is launched the OUT OF RANGE issue starts and the screen keeps dipping to black.

I have tried multiple games (Fortnite, Overwatch, Battlefront II, and even Diablo III) and it happens on all of them. I tried lowering the refresh down to 144hz in game and on my computer settings. It still happens. It only happens in Full Screen mode. My old monitor was a 144hz monitor and it ran it's odd that it does this even at 144hz. Again, if I set the game to one of the Windows modes everything works perfectly...even at 240hz.

I do have a 2nd monitor which is an ASUS ROG PG279Q. The GTX 970 doesn't have 2 display ports so I have to run the second monitor at 60hz until I upgrade my video card...which I plan to do as soon as the newest NVIDIA cards come out.

Any advice on what this issue might be? My old monitor was an ASUS VG248QE and it ran at 144hz in Full Screen with no issues. I did install a new video driver right around the time I installed the monitor.

Level 7
So all of a sudden the issue went away. Nothing changed on my monitor but for the past 5 days I have been able to play in full screen mode without issue. If the problem returns I will post again. So odd that the problem lasted for a few days and then just one day went away...but then worked fine and then all of a sudden started to happen. So, it might return without notice.