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ASUS ROG PG258Q - Out Of Range - 240hz

Level 7
Hello good day everyone , i am in need of some help. My monitor keeps going out of range whenever playing most games. Worst part is its random and i have no resolution to this problem. I wanted to see if anyone had similar issues and had an answer. Basically i play a lot of games and on all of them it will randomly go out of Range when for the most in Full Screen Mode. I play CSGO, BF1, Fortnite , Dota2 , and many other big games. My specs are really good so not sure why this is happening.

Asus 240z rog swift
2080 ti hybrid
16gb ram
1000w psu
2 ssds
1 hdd

Please help . I am using all the recommended HDMI cords that came with the product , my next step would to be ASUS support . but Monitor out of range is from the monitor not keeping up with the Full screened 240hz .

Level 7
bump .. only solution i got was to send the unit back to asus for a repair.. but they want me to ship it out on my expense. I dont trust shipping the unit per people just throw boxes around and this is fragile. Just waiting for a 360hz monitor to send this back

Level 10
Have you tried Display port connection?.

I have same monitor as you, but I necer had any issues on Display port cable. ANd it comes with the monitor.