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Asus PG48UQ Firmware & HDR-Issues

Level 7


I recently bought the PG48UG and have similar issues with HDR, especially with the latest firmware v0.29, but also with v0.28 and before, as described by many users in many forums e. g. reddit or here also, e. g.:

At the moment with that buggy versions of until now given firmwares it is very disappointing to get a so expensive monitor with so major issues that are known since 2022 and have never been solved till today.

Over 6 Month stuck with v0.29 till today? What do the owner say? 

What is your experience or a way out?

Tested also with one of the Asus promised high end GPU & MB: Asus Rog Strix 4090  / Asus x670e-Extreme  // DisplayPort 1.4 with supplied cables / Monitor and GPU

Can we expect from Asus a new firmware, which solves the issues? And how long do we have to wait for it?

Many thanks for any help and answers.

With kind greetings from Mason Knight