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Asus PG35VQ rattling noise of the fans - still a problem?

Level 7

it's possible to swap the 3 Sunon fans of the monitor. But you will lose warranty and you have to cut the fan wires to rewire the mini pwm connectors (you know it from graphic cards) which the PG35VQ is using. The "same" fans from Foxconn in better quality from China with the same housing have pico blade connectors.

The main problem of the PG35VQ is the rattling noise of the fans at lower rpm (idle). I have tested two PG35VQ. Both have rattling fans. Its result the of using high rpm fans at low rpm. Same issue with gpus, so they have mostly an idle mode (spin stop of the fans).

It really sucks if you buy such an expensive monitor, because its only useable as a second monitor for gaming. Its horrible @ idle.

I swapped out the 3 fans of my first PG35VQ (sold it for LG OLE48CX, but now its too big and 600 hours usage as pc monitor for permanet burnin sounds not very good :D, and on OLEDs hdr brightness sucks hard), before i did the firmwareupdate which is fixing the flickering and scanline bugs. Some users telling this firmwareupdate is changing the fan behavior. Is this true?

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Level 7
Hi , how did you managed to change the fans ? Do you have any pictures of the replacement fans or a link where to buy them ? Mine started to make a whining noise after the firmwire update and i would like to replace them if possible

Bought a PG35VQ a couple of months and the fan noise was unbearable at idle. A rattle and whine, plus ramping. Sent it of to get fixed and they acknowledged it was faulty. They tried to repair but ended declaring it DOA.

On my second one and its even louder and needs to be sent off again.

Did any one find a solution??

The only solution is to open it and exchange the fans.

Thanks lowmotion. Any recommendations on fans or pictures of them replaced would be appreciated. Its a great monitor otherwise so I am keen to find a solution. I cant use it for work as the fans are too loud with the video conference camera sitting on top of the monitor