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Asus PG35

Level 7
I am trying to discover if there is any difference in the PG35VQ and the PG35V.

The "Q" has to stand for something? Mine says on the Amazon site VQ but the huge box it came in says only V. For this amount of money I would like to know what the "Q" is or means.


Level 13
Same thing. You search PG35V and it pops up the ASUS page that says PG35V at the top then right under it PG35VQ I have the same thing. Box it came in says PG35V Monitor Model is PG35VQ. Q is for darn Quick at 200Hz LOL
Im actually fairly sure thats a tag for color quality. Generally those tagged with Q are the pro series with lower refresh rates but good color reproduction. Mine was fine out of the box with a few tweaks but I use mine for more than gaming. I do a lot of photo work and I want to know that what I see on my monitor is what is coming out of the printer so both calibrated with ColorMunki and they are spot on, also if I use a lab for printing they come out with perfect color. Nothing worse than to tweak an image just to find out you were screwing it up because the color on the monitor wasn't right.

But yeah if you got crapped, that makes two of us but I think its just a mis nomenclature.

My only gripe is the light at the top of the stand is red and red only while the huge logo on the back is RGB as is the one in the base. Would be nice for all of them to be RGB.

Afaik it's the same monitor. I recently got a PG35VQ, but it says PG35V on the package.
Acer does the same thing. When you look up X34GS, it only says X34 on their website.