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ASUS PG348 sub pixel issue

Level 7
Hey, I recently bought this monitor and I have one red sub pixel in the bottom center of the screen. I already tried some tools on the web to fix it, but nothing changes. Maybe I need to do it a bit longer.. It is only appearing on a white screen or on colors without red (like green) in it. Overall I found no other issues, only minimal backlight bleed, but no scanlines, dse, dust etc.. Do you think it is worth the hassle to RMA it and maybe get a more faulty one? 

Level 7
some pictures..

Level 9
Chances are you won't get one with more issues. A red pixel is pretty obvious on a screen of other colors. I would RMA it but it's up to you if it bothers you are not.
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Level 8
is it a bright dot or a dark dot?