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ASUS PG32UQXR owners question regarding screen issues

Level 7

Hi everyone,

This post is a question to other PG32UQXR owners, recently I purchased one of these monitors but it had 2 issues that made me return it, but I am not sure if the particular monitor was problematic or is this a common problem for all monitors of this model. Here is some details about how you can reproduce the issue:
1. Setup your browser to use dark theme (I use google chrome dark theme).
2. Open but before that make sure the monitor is running in 144hz not 60hz and let it run for about 2-3 minutes on full screen.

3. Then open one empty browser open for example and since the theme is grey you will be able to see 2 lines across the whole screen and there lines will be exactly where the separating white lines in the ufo image were located previously. This will start disappearing slowly about 1-2 minutes but the longer you keep the ufo test on screen the longer it takes the monitor to remove the white lines and get back to normal.

I have attached two photos to give you an idea of what to expectIMG_2024.JPG


If any owner of this monitor read this post and is willing to do this test , your feedback will be highly appreciated, because currently I am debating to order a new one to see if this is common problem or it was just my particular model since I liked the monitor a lot it was good in everything else but this issue was just too big to keep it.