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ASUS PG32UCDM Firmware Update?! When?!

Level 9

Every other monitor (Alienware 322QF and MSI MPG321URX) have already underwent SEVERAL firmware updates and quality of life improvements. 

When can we expect some of the PG32UCDM issues to get addressed? When will we see a firmware update? Is ASUS going to release a downloadable ICC profile for this monitor? Almost every company provides SDR and or HDR ICC profiles for users to download and install. I haven't seen any ICC profiles or downloadable firmware updates? 

I know MODS are just MODS, but do you guys actually have the power or ability to speak to the actual ASUS product team to get things addressed/fixed? I am praying we can get some updates soon! I know Dolby Vision is coming, but I would like to see some brightness tweaks, color improvements, mode updates etc. Also having downloadable ICC"s would be great!

Usually Asus is great about updating new products but it's been crickets! This is your FLAGSHIP 2024 OLED for heavens sake. Let's polish this bad boy and make it the best panel this year! AW and MSI have recently released MASSIVE updates that improved the HDR experience 2x over and somehow managed to squeeze extra nitts out of it's mode when people complained. I'd like to see Asus listen to it's community and jump to action too! This monitor cost half a fortune afterall!


Level 9

I'm also waiting for a firmware update / actual driver release.

Windows still reports 455 nits max brightness, and also refuses to accept the monitor as Display 1 when using multiple monitors, no matter the GPU port used.

Proximity Sensor also gets reset to disabled every time when switching from SDR to HDR. Auto Logo Brightness also resets sometimes, not sure what triggers it.

Hoping for some active and meaningful support from ASUS!

Level 8

hello reps of ROG i need the firmware for testing, hdr is broken an so KVM, and i need for work if you can give me a firmware i apreciate.