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Asus PG32UCDM buzzing noise when off and pixel cleaning bugs?

Level 7


i got the Asus PG32UCDM for one week now and i noticed a buzzing high pitched noise/coil whine when the screen is off, i count already 5 users on reddit with the same Problem.

When the Monitor is on or in Standby Mode u cant hear anything!

2nd Problem i noticed is the Pixel cleaning is maybe bugged or something? Because the Manual says it will do the Pixel refresh when the Monitor is turned off ofc power plug still connected!

So i came from Work today the Monitor was all Day off with connected power cord and i played 10 min and the Pixel clean Window popped up :S And i played yesterday 5 hours so it should have done one after i turned the screen off!


Level 8

pixel cleaning does not kick in when you turn off the monitor. it only kicks in when you put your PC to sleep AND keep your monitor on. thats what ive been observing with my PG32UCDM