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ASUS PG329Q. А move by the manufacturer that no one seems to understand. (10bit 120Hz)

Level 7

Hello, after purchasing the Asus pg329q, it was possible to use 120Hz (which allowed the use of a 10-bit color depth). Like any decent person with a high level of trust in the manufacturer, a month after the release of the new firmware, the monitor was updated, there was no limit to surprise... 120Hz evaporated, leaving behind the sadness of 60Hz with a depth of 10bit or the disappointment of 144Hz and 165Hz in 8bit. There is no doubt that the chance of getting old firmware is critically small. I really want to replace the existing 165Hz profile with 120Hz, but I'm worried that I'll screw it up.

Maybe there is an owner of a device with old firmware who is ready to put a screenshot from the Custom Resolution Utility for 120Hz settings?