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Asus PG279Q keeps installing itself multiple times in Audio devices

Level 12

Been having this problem for about 6 months or more now.  My PG279Q will randomly have extra copies of itself installed in Device Manager's "Audio inputs and outputs" section.  This is also despite having the audio device disabled in the Sound settings in Control Panel.  Even stranger is Windows Updates, usually things like the big monthly patches, will have me seeing like 6-7 of them in there after a reboot.  Then I can reboot again and they all disappear as active devices and can only be seen/uninstalled when selecting to "show hidden devices" in device manager. 


At first I thought it was an Nvidia HD Audio driver bug so I removed those and stopped installing them, but it's still doing it.  I can't find any kind of updated driver or firmware for this monitor beyond what I'm already running for it.  Anyone else had this happen and found a fix?  I also have an LG monitor and it has never had this happen.