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asus pg279q, is this to be expected?

Level 7
ihey, tried searching for information on these things already with little success so here goes.

recently bought an asus pg279q, pretty happy with it a part from one thing that's really bugging me. when looking more towards the sides of the screen when web browsing, i notice a black void in my peripheral vision around the center of the screen which is driving me a little nuts. when i look directly at the center of the screen i can barely see it, the area looks a tad darker then the rest of the screen.

i've also noticed some very faint vertical bars when moving windows around the screen, so it kind of feels like the window i'm moving is transitioning through different areas.

there's also a couple of bright spots in the bottom left of the screen where it looks like the backlight on a few pixels is stuck at 100%.

other then these few things, mainly the first thing, i've been pretty happy with the monitor and this isn't much of an issue when gaming or watching things either.

images, used a nikon d3200 to best of my ability:
the few pixels stuck at 100% brightness
tried to get an image of the vertical bars and the darker center, really hard to see, i can just about make them out on my dell u2412m ips screen.

is to be expected or should i contact and ask for a replacement?

Level 9
i love how theres no responses