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Asus PG279Q flickering issues!

Level 7
I know there is probably a post on the forums but when I do a search for this monitor, I get nothing.

Monitor is brand new and only 6 days old and since day 1, it's been flickering really bad. Don't know what to do or how to fix this. Contacted Asus and waiting for reply. I've turned off G-sync and vertical sync, replaced display port cables. Looking to purchase another cable to try out. I've reset the monitor and still having blinking issues. More so in games. Can't play games. So upsetting.

Using Windows 10 Pro 64, Samsung 960 Pro 1TB, Asus Apex X motherboard with BIOS of 0901, Intel i7-8700k, Corsair Dominator 3200 ram at 16 GB, EVGA 1080 TI Kingpin Hydro Copper. I'm not doing any overclocking.

Anyone else have issues?

Level 7
Hello Cigarjohn
I'm sure that you have tried almost all troubleshooting methods
I would suggest to return your monitor for a exchange of a new one if you can.
Otherwise, send it for RMA, thank you