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Asus PG258q Brightness

Level 7

I have the PG258q - almost all calibration setups I see, says: turn the brightness down to 1. Why so low, its at 80 default, thats maybe to much - but 1? 🙂

Like in this one

Level 10
It explains in the article here:

There was a good 371 cd/m2 adjustment range in total, and so at the minimum setting you could reach down to luminance of only 116 cd/m2. This is still very high really and while it should be an adequate level for typical day to day work, it doesn't give you any option for those wanting to work in darkened room conditions with low ambient light. A setting of 1% in the OSD menu should return you a luminance of around 120 cd/m2 at default settings in this preset mode.

120cd/m2 is a pretty common setting for calibration because it's 'typical' for home/office with the lights on. As TFTC says this equates to "1" on this monitor as the minimum brightness is quite high. The 0 setting isn't "off. 80% is 320 cd/m2 (of rated 400, but actually comes out as 416 measured), which is very bright, but it depends on your preference. Not sure the reasoning out the box is like that.

This screen is very bright , sitting on a bright screen especially at night can lead to eyes problems.

Now you dont have to put it at 0 or 1 , just calibrate the monitor yourself as every unit is different , so copying the same settings from another screen will not lead in the same result , therefore its just wrong. Ready ICC profiles are wrong too.

So calibrate the screen according your own taste 😉

I prefer to use my Pg258q at 20-25% brightness and 30% contrast during the day and about 5-10% at night , using more brightness makes my eyes itch and uncomfortable after 30minutes of usage.

For games i use 15-35% with 50% contrast according on how bright is the game itself 😛

* Better not use 50% contrast on your desktop main color profile (racing mode?) because it gives some obvious overshoot when you browse especially when scrolling on the letters but at 30% it gets eliminated and thats on all the pg258q units.
You can use 50% on your game profiles though (rts and fps modes) because then you wont even notice it 🙂

Hope that helped!