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Asus PG248Q Monitor won't suddenly Start anymore.

Level 7
Hi Guys,

hope about some help or your own experience, I've got an Asus PG248Q 180Hz Gsync Monitor a long time now and I'm very happy about it. I only installed it one time on my desk and never did anything else to it, no expansion, no further movement at all.

Suddenly my Monitor doesn't swittch on anymore, no Power on LED is blinking and it's no issue with the signal, it just doesn't switch on and also is not recognized in Windows anymore a.k.a. no power at all.

If I have to buy a new Monitor than I'm very unlucky and must loose more money, but I also think that it could maybe be the AC Adapter only?? And if so, I would be very happy and the cost to replace the monitor/fix the issue would be definitive more economical for me.

I found two copies of different AC Adapters online, the first one is the original AC Adapter, but I also found a second one, both have the same description, same data.

Here are the links:

Original, same Adapter as in the original packaging :

and this one, same description, but different design:

the costs are pretty much the same,

but which one would you recommend, or what's the difference of the design respectively which one would be your choice.

I'm thanking for any advice in advanced and I hope that only a new AC Adapter is fixing my issue to avoid buying a new monitor, because there were also no other problems with it since I have bought it a long time ago.