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Asus-pg248q going out of G-Sync?

Level 7
Not sure if its lighting issue or cable issue or what but it seems if i turn the monitor off for more then an hour the G Sync light (red) on the monitor goes away and stays white. When I try to start games like the witcher 3, world of tanks and fallout 4 the screen goes in and out ( going black and to the game non stop) and the light in the corner keep blinking yellow and the only way to fix it if I unplug the diplay port and plug it back in.
I just bought a new Display Port wire and should arrive today and let you know if that will fix it. But other then that everything is up to spec, newest graphic drivers, cpu and gpu not overheating.
Also is there another way on the monitor to tell if the Gsync is on or just the red light? I know if i open the nvidia control panel it tells me its on.

Level 7
Problem Solved...was a bad Display Port wire that came with the monitor. thank god