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Are these stuck pixels

Level 7
I've heard a lot about the PG279Q having bad backlight bleed and stuck or dead pixels. I checked out my new monitor, build date of December 2015, and am relatively pleased with it. I'm in the process of running it through a 9-hour burn in test but I've already noticed a minor pixel issue. The backlight bleed is so so. However, I know this sort of issue is typical for this type of panel and there is no such thing as a perfect panel. I will rarely if ever spend any time in a completely darkened room staring at a black or dark screen, so I consider the backlight bleed to be a non-issue. As I understand dead pixels, they should typically show up as black, and these pixels do not, so I'm thinking they're stuck pixels. They seem to be white or very light colored, regardless of what color is displayed on the screen.

The pixels in question form a roughly 8" x 4" square area in roughly the lower, middle third of the monitor. These pixels do not show up all that much unless my monitor is displaying a darker, solid color screen. I don't notice it as much, if at all, if I'm using my typical nature landscape desktop or when I'm playing games.

My question is, would you guys consider these "stuck" pixels and do you feel this number of clusters of pixels over such a large area are worth opening an RMA ticket with ASUS?

Thanks for any advice.


Level 7
After reading through several of the horror stories of horrible customer support and of monitors not being packaged properly and arriving back far more damaged than they were sent in, I'm extremely concerned and have been wondering if I shouldn't try to live with my monitor the way it is, assuming it doesn't get any worse.

Not doubting the other user's accounts of their damaged products, yet knowing that I'm only reading of the horror stories, not the successfully returned units, I called CS back and inquired about shipping methods. They confirmed that I not return the monitor in its original packaging as it would not be returned to me. Unfortunately, that makes packing and returning the monitor even harder. I then inquired as to whether I could remove the panel from the stand, as my issue is not related to the stand, and return only the panel itself. It makes sense that, being a relatively flat panel, it would be much easier to pack and ship securely, both ways, and increase the odds of my receiving my repaired or replaced panel in much better condition.

It's quite horrible that CS and QC are so bad, that a customer is willing to keep an obviously defective monitor rather than return it for repair or replacement. Actually, it makes you wonder if possibly that wasn't their main intention all along!