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Amazon UK afraid of BLB disaster?

Level 7
I bought my PG279Q at Scan. As always the service itself was smooth, however I had to RMA it, as well as its replacement. Surprisingly in both cases, after they tested them, their diagnosis was "dead pixels". Which is correct since they actually had such defects. What makes me wonder is that they did not say a word about obvious BLB, as it wasn't an issue. After returning my replacement I asked for refund. Now, I was considering trying my luck for the 3rd time at Amazon UK but one line in product's description stopped me from doing that. It says "Backlight bleed is a common issue with any IPS panel". It is a lie. It's common for bleeding edge ROGs and Predators as a result of going for IPS, 165hz and G-sync panels which simply failed at that. But it's definitely uncommon for any other IPS monitors. My £160 IIyama is perfect. No dead pixels, no BLB, only IPS glow. Therefore looks like Amazon continues to stock PG279Q but wants to have an excuse not to replace dozens of monitors due to BLB. I don't know other retailers' approach to this issue, but I'm not going to risk nearly £700 if they would refuse to RMA them. I'm so disappointed. Gamers are ready to pay such premium price but manufactures fail to deliver adequate quality. I think I will go for some mid-range 144hz TN and wait until we have serious products on the market.