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A couple problems with the PG278Q

Level 7
So I have two problems with this monitor. First of all, when a bright object moves up or down by a dark object, the top and bottom of the bright object gets a jagged or tooth-like pixelation effect. I am unable to capture this effect on a camera myself, but this video (not mine) showcases it rather well on the green text (pause the video while the text is moving if necessary):

The second problem which I am also unable to capture is a series of small vertical lines on various shades of color whenever that color is moving left or right. The effect very much so makes me think of a more subtle screen door effect.

I was wondering if anybody else has gotten these problems, if they are fixable, if they warrant an RMA, and/or if they are just part of the way the monitor was designed.

Thank you for any help you can provide.