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6900 XT Dual Monitor Problem

Level 7

I have my 6900 XT hooked up to an Asus PG32UQ to display port and I have a Sony Bravia XR 80K hooked up with an HDMI cable. The problem is if I turn off the TV or monitor the other one will turn off. I have to keep them both on all the time. I only want to use the TV for games so I dont want it to stay on all the time. Anybody have any idea what Im doing wrong?


Level 7

Hi i will try to help, what happens if you conect them individualy ?

what happens if you disconect one of them by cable DP or HDMI ?

can you hear windows detect hardware ? "Tururu" jajaja



They both work fine but when I power either one of them off the other one loses signal and both turn black. I have to unhook the hdmi cable from the tv to be able to use the monitor. I dont hear the sound when I plug the hdmi cable back in.