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2*PG278Q in SLI on different cards

Level 8
Hello there,

I plan on getting two PG278Qs for my setup.
Currently I am running two EVGA 980 Classifieds in SLI using two EIZO Foris 2333BK monitors (via DVI all plugged into the primary card).
The question I now have is: Will those two monitors actually work with the cards while keeping SLI active?

The problem is that the graphics cards only come with one displayport each, so is it possible to plug one monitor into card #1 and the second into card #2 without loosing the benefits of SLI?

Level 7
Hi, g sync and sli dont't work 100%

supertoto wrote:
Hi, g sync and sli dont't work 100%

So slight correction on that:

I have 2 ROG's + 3 980s

1. Yes, you can enable Display surround;
2. Yes it will work with Gsync; just make sure you have v-sync set to g-sync in the nvidia control panel and then enable v-sync in the game.

3. It works 'ok' but i have found that it looks horrible at 60hz, which the games tend to want to use; So after launching the game you have to manually use the turbo button on one of the monitors to increase to 120+

You have 2 options; 1 connect each monitor to its own card; 2 connect all the monitors to 1 card.
If you are doing 3d (maximize 3d settings) then you need to do #2;

So far my experience is: Buy a 3rd; Playing games with 2 monitors suck because the center of the screen is where the bezel is; so your cross-hairs are always split between the 2 screens.
I have been playing mwo and i can only play on 1 monitor because its impossible to aim across the 2.

Maybe 1 day they will come back in stock.... 7 more days and it will be 3 months on back order.