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Xtu profiles no longer stable after windows 10 upgrade.

Level 8
None of my stable profiles are working anymore. If I set up a new one -50 for example it will be fine throughout the day. But when rebooting the next day I have issues with my display driver not responding. Anyone else experienced this?
on windowds 8 I was running a stable undervolt of -70 for months with no issues.
Many thx.

Level 10
Clean install win 10 and see if that fixes it. Upgrades can cause so many driver issues that are not immediately apparent.
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Level 8
I have done a clean install but I may have installed some wrong packages. Any chance you could give us a run down on all the required ones from the 8.1/10 asus downloads? For instance do I neef chipset drivers etc as theres none on the 10 downloads.
thx again

Level 7
I did mine a few weeks ago and i had to install this and then the atk drivers from asus win 10 and the intel drivers from the asus 8.1 page. Theres a thread at the top with all the download locations.

Level 8
Brilliant stuff. Will start over when I get in. Thx again