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With the last Windows 10 update 1511 - Wireless Radio Control bug

Level 7
With the last Windows 10 update 1511, there is an strange behaviour that I've reported to Microsoft community here:

But also there is a problem with the Asus Wireless Radio Control (
First of all, you must reinstalled it after the Windows 10 update 1511, because has been disabled by the update (as the Asus Smart Gesture, that has been downgraded by the installer).
When you installed it, now you can see again the banner on the left top screen when you enable or disable the airplane mode. All seems to work well.

If you have turn on the airplane mode and you restart the system, you cannot see any network icon on the task bar.
If you check under start->Configuration->System->Notifications and actions->Enable disable system icons->Net, you can see it greyed out and you cannot turning on or off...

I'm removing the Wireless Radio Control to check if all back to normal...

Level 7
I respond myself... there is a new driver ( that comes with the Windows 10 update 1511, but the banner is not working.
So to fix it, just go to device manager->System Devices->ASUS Wireleess Radio Control->Right click->Uninstall and delete drivers->Reboot (I have to reboot two times) and now you must have installed the driver again, and the banner is working as well...

Hope it helps

Level 7
By the way, I guess this 1511 update is very buggy... If you have not update yet, I don't recommend you do it...

Level 13
W10 V1511 , 1056 , would not install , It installed to the 100% phase then Froze my PC, I had to reboot , Upon Reboot Action Center Said W10 update Failed , I checked the Version # of W10 it is not V1511, as it did not install Failed At 100% install phase. does not reappear in W10 updates after 2 days