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Wireless Card Upgrade

Level 7
Hi Guys,
I want to upgrade my Atheros Quallcomm wireless card with one that supports 5g/ac. I have two available options here in Thailand: 1........Intel 7629HMW.............. WiFi +B/T ac
2........Broadcomm BCM94352 HMB........WiFi+B/T ac

Are both these PCEI card compatible with a G750JX ?

As far as installation goes I guess it would go something like this??
1...Download the new card driver and save
2....Uninstall the Atheros card
3....Pull the laptop to bits and fit the new card
4....Re assemble the laptop
5....Install the appropriate driver.

Anyone have any thoughts on which is the better of the two cards? The Asus DSL-68u has a broadcomm chip would the broadcomm card be a better option or doesn't really matter ?. Any difference in HMW and HMB?
Cheers Dino

Level 7
There was a thread here about a year ago where there was a full teardown on how it was done. I cannot find it anymore. Intel seems to be the best option, I have one waiting, just need instructions / pictures.

Level 9
As long as you can source the driver and the card is a mPCIe WLAN card, it should work. You have the installation down pretty much to a tee. 🙂 Make certain you remove the battery and AC adapter when you tear the laptop apart! A user on another forum went through this process on a Clevo system while it was running and damaged the system board.

We customize Asus, MSI, and Clevo laptops!

The Intel AC-7260 card arrived ripped the keyboard off,removed the old card and noticed that the old card ,all the contact pins were allocated,the Intel card had a number of the pins blank.........Ahh nevermind I thought and screwed it in,replaced the keyboard pressed the power with the keyboard again..... put in the old card and away she went......hmmmmmmmmm ...ok one more try with the new card and still no power so gave up and fitted the old card.Have rang Asus here in Thailand and they are going to get back to me regarding the correct card number.Why isn't anything straight forward with computers.Cannot work out why it wouldn't power on, all I can assume is the card must have certain pin config to allow power to flow thru,maybe I should have tried to power it on with no wireless card to see what happened... Ohh well back to the drawing board ..........Dino