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Windows 8/10 question on G750JM

Level 7
Hey guys, I have a quick Windows question. I picked up a 2nd mint G750jm a few days ago and am considering selling it.

Since these originally came with Windows 8.1 and had drivers ect included, I'm wondering how to properly reset/reinstall Windows since it now has 10. I planned on keeping 10 but would like the option of going back to 8.1 if needed since some people prefer one or the other. If 10 is kept but the restore is done, will all the drivers ect be lost? Is there an option to choose between 8.1 or 10 when resetting? A few threads that showed up on google stated that if the free Windows 10 was put through a reset, you wouldn't be able to go back to a previous version.

Sorry it's kind of a noobish question. There's hardly anything stored on it as is, but I want to be safe and get it clean if I am going to be selling it, and it would be nice to be able to choose between 8.1 or 10.

Edit : So after some digging around I think I was able to figure it out, another thread lead me to a page that says you can download the ISO files from Microsoft for free to reinstall an older version of Windows so long as you have a product key. Hope that's correct.